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BASU® eAlarm Plus 130db Emergency Alarm for Camping & Hiking, Tripwire Alarm, Bear Alarm, Perimeter Alarm (Pink)

BASU® eAlarm Plus 130db Emergency Alarm for Camping & Hiking, Tripwire Alarm, Bear Alarm, Perimeter Alarm (Pink)

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Meet eAlarm by BASU, the personal safety alarm armed with a 130dB siren that will deter anyone in your path and keep you safe wherever you go!

Use in Any Emergency!
Great for walking, jogging, camping, hiking, traveling. 
Legal for Adults & Children of All Ages in All 50 States! 

Over 500,000 Americans carry eAlarm everyday! 
eAlarm is Police Tested & Permitted by TSA
eAlarm saves lives everyday. It might save yours. 

Why eAlarm?
1. No Training or Aiming Required
2. No Close Contact
3. No Liability
4. Permitted in Airplanes, Hotels, Hospitals, Concerts, Sporting Events
5. Can't be used against you!

 Just pull the pin to activate! 

- 2xCR1632 Batteries Included
- 30 Mins of Active Alarm Use
- No Cell Service Required
- No Subscriptions
- One-Time Purchase


CALL 1-888-880-2278


- How do I use eAlarm?
Just pull the pin to activate! 
Reinsert the pin to deactivate. 

- How long does the battery last?
30 minutes of active alarm use.
Then just replace the batteries!

Legal Disclaimer Individual results will vary. Product is not guaranteed to deter or repel any person or animal. Product is not guaranteed to help in an emergency. Use at your own risk.

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eAlarm helps you stay safe & sound

Batteries Included

Your eAlarm comes with batteries included!

24/7 Customer Support

Questions? Call 1-888-880-2278 anytime 24/7!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Don't like eAlarm for any reason? Send it back for a 100% refund (including shipping)!

100% U.S.A. Company

Now a days it's tough to know who you're buying from online. In this case, you are buying from BASU, a 100% American safety technology company based in Oakland, CA.

"A simple and effective product."


  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "This gadget saved my kid's life"

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    "I bought 3 of these things and I'm buying 2 more for my granddaughters!"

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    "I called on a SUNDAY and got oustanding customer support!!!!"

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    "Literally a life-saver!!!"

What can eAlarm do for you?

eAlarm can help you stay safe when walking, joggin, hiking & camping.
eAlarm is legal to carry in all 50 states by all ages and helps keep you safe 24/7.

eAlarm for Safer Walking

eAlarm can help keep you and your loved ones safe when you're out walking. Stay safe with eAlarm.

eAlarm for Safer Jogging

eAlarm can help ward off unwanted attention with a powerful 130-decibel siren. Stay safe with eAlarm.

eAlarm for Safer Hiking & Camping

eAlarm can help repel aggressive wildlife that you may encounter when out hiking or camping on your own. Stay safe with eAlarm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 504 reviews
abc d.

Not good

abc d.

Not good

laurel l.

Will never buy it again!

laurel l.

Will never buy it again!

David W.

I have a 10 year old who I like to keep safe. This alarm gives me a certain peace of mind, knowing that if anything happens they have a way of drawing attention. 120 decibels is no joke. You set this off outside they can probably hear it all the way down the street (depending on the length of the street of course). I also like how nondescript the design looks, so other kids won't feel tempted to set it off as long as they dont know what it is.